The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is just a little " extra " and BRAINVISTA is a catalyst to instill that extra in you in order to make you " Extra-ordinary " .

O2E For Teachers

BRAINVISTA helps teachers identify and evaluate their unique profile of leadership skills and demonstrate the strategic use and development of those gifts both in and out of the classroom. With the help of advance workshops on internationally in vogue topics it provides a framework for understanding how even "ordinary" teachers can identify, value and maximize the potential of their unique intellectual gifts.

O2E For Students

BRAINVISTA inspires its students to unlock their extraordinary potential in order to develop academically, discover their untapped areas and grow as a winner in all the spheres of life. We have very rich and advanced modules which helps our students to achieve skills beyond their original capacity and thus make them Extra-ordinary .

O2E For Parents

  • Have you ever questioned your ability to parent effectively?
  • What separates the average and ordinary parent from the extraordinary parent?
Extraordinary parents take 100 percent responsibility for their children’s results and are constantly figuring out new ways to improve their parenting skills. BRAINVISTA is giving an opportunity to become extraordinary parents by practicing and mastering the art of influencing their children to make the kinds of choices that will develop confident and self-assured leaders. We have designed a series of workshops for parents who make them learn new skills to raise happy, health and well adjusted children.